Lightning in a Bottle: April

I don't know about you but I started my April hop, hop, hopping into the month in search of the perfect beer for this month! I asked myself and others, are there any "Easter" beers? I'm an Easter person. Without getting all religious or spiritual, I just have to say I look forward to Easter because it's such a positive holiday all around. It's spring & the weather is refreshing and the colors of Easter are fun pastel colors of pink, yellow, purple, green, and light blue. Bottom line Easter gives us some "hop" in our step (pun intended).

With that being said, I wanted a refreshing beer to highlight for April & I found it! Special thanks to Ultra Matt for suggesting my April beer. It's perfectly themed and appropriate for this month. It's none other than "Hop, Hop, and Away" from Aeronaut Brewing out of Somerville, MA. The can is beautiful! You all know how I appreciate my beer can art. It's a bunny hopping across space (a nod to the brewing company who has a space theme in their name) while you see planets and stars in the background. COOL! The can intrigued me right away and that's the first step, really. You have to get the marketing of the product to sell me then I will move forward and try so job accomplished by Aeronaut. Just look at this can!

Now onto the taste of the beer itself, let's break it down. It's an American Pale Ale. It has a ABV of 4.6%. Upon first tasting this beer you're hit with a bitterness of the hops. Now it's a smooth bitterness that is not too much. It's actually very refreshing and does not leave a bad aftertaste. The bitterness hits your taste buds the second you sip it then you're met with a nice mix of citrus/fruity taste followed by some subtle grainy flavor. It's quite refreshing and leaves the taste buds wanting more. I will say Pale Ales have grown on me as I've been more accustomed to beer. This so far is the best American Pale Ale I've had. I give it a score of 8 out of 10. That's the highest I've scored a beer so far! The reason for this is it's an enjoyable pale ale packed with pleasant flavor. If a pale ale is too bitter, it becomes a chore to finish it and bear it because you don't want it to go to waste but when you have a mild bitterness such as this "Hop, Hop, and Away" it's refreshing & leaves you wanting more. Combine that mild bitterness with notes of citrus and I believe a little grapefruit along with the subtle grainy taste and you have a winning beer!

Overall I would definitely buy this beer again and I would buy it for casual drinking as well as special occasions. It's affordably priced at roughly around $7 a can and it's a good all around beer and that's why I give it a solid 8 out of 10!

Check out Aeronaut Brewing Company's website HERE to find out more about this local brewery out of Somerville, MA!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

-Producer Lightning


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