Bernie Sanders & other Dems think the Boston Marathon bomber should vote!

Bernie Sanders was up in Manchester, NH Monday night at a CNN Town Hall event for the Democratic Party at Saint Anselm's College. There were 5 Democratic members running for 2020 that were featured to speak at this political talk. During this town hall, Sanders was first asked a question on the issue of felon's having the right to vote. Chris Cuomo of CNN asked Sanders if he believe that all felons, such as Djokar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber should have the right to vote while serving his time in prison & Sanders, almost without hesitation said, yes they should. He followed up with what he believes a democracy is all about.


Let me get this straight...he believes that a convicted felon, in the Marathon bomber's case, someone who murdered people and is not allowed to associate with the rest of society for good reason, should be allowed to vote & contribute towards society with his opinion? Apparently. It's a bit shocking because we're talking about someone who did not respect our laws or society to begin with and that's why they are in jail and now they should be given the right to vote regardless of their hatred for our society? No, you don't get to have the same rights as the rest of us. Actions have consequences.

CNN's Don Lemon was interviewing Kamala Harris at the event in Manchester & wanted so badly to have her back & tried pushing her along in the right direction with the issue of felons voting & she just did not get it...


At least Democratic running candidate for 2020 Pete Buttigieg got it. He was asked the same question by CNN's Anderson Cooper, after both Sanders & Harris were on the stage previously, about if felons like the Boston Marathon bomber should be allowed to vote & he without hesitation said:


This is why Buttigieg is gaining traction, for the way he handles himself & answers things in a common sense why. I will continue to say be on the lookout for him because while other Democrats think he is this young mayor and that's cute he is running, remember what the Democrats thought about Trump? They thought he was a joke & there is no way he would win. Well...look what happened so never say never and while I'm not saying Buttigieg will be President, he is still an opponent to take seriously. The Democrats can't afford to brush anyone off.

As far as felons' voting goes? They lost that privilege when they committed a crime and entered that jail cell. Sorry I'm not sorry you don't get to partake like the rest of society until maybe you've served your time & you're back contributing to society & not comfortably hanging out in a jail cell while the rest of us pay taxes towards your jail time care.


-Producer Lightning


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