Burger King to roll out meat free "Impossible Whoppers" nationwide!

Do you remember on April Fool's how Burger King played a prank on some of their customers by serving their Whoppers with a meatless "Impossible Burger" patty instead of real meat? Well the customers could not tell the difference and were surprised to find out what they ate was a vegetarian alternative. Now Burger King is rolling out the "Impossible Burgers' permanently & it's no joke! Don't worry though, you can still get your precious Whopper with real meat, they are just now going to be adding the "Impossible Burger" patty as an option on their menu so you can order a Whopper with a vegetarian patty instead of real meat and enjoy all the same fixings!


Burger King has already featured a veggie burger on their menu and it has been made by Morning Star, which I have to say is VERY tasty! I tried the Impossible Burger a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic, just as good as Morning Star, if not even better actually so I'm thrilled about this decision by Burger King to start testing it out across the nation. I love Burger King's veggie burgers and this decision will only amp up the burger and make it better!

The "Impossible Burger" is made up of heme protein, which is derived from the roots of soy plants. That is their main ingredient but the burgers also contain potato protein, coconut oil as well as sunflower oil. Impossible Foods breaks down their ingredients HERE.

As far as the Burger King Whopper is concerned, it will contain this meatless patty by Impossible Foods but still the toppings you love that make up a whopper like lettuce, tomato, white onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, and pickles. Burger King plans to offer the Impossible Whopper in all it's nationwide restaurants by the end of 2019!

I know I'm in & will be getting my Impossible Whopper, how about you? Would you give it a try?

-Producer Lightning


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