Chase Bank was ripped by Warren after they tweeted about financial advice

Chase Bank tweeted out a tweet giving financial advice as to why your bank account might not have as much money in it as you would like. The tweet gained a lot of attention and backlash for it's advice telling what more likely than not is the truth as to why your account might not have as much money in savings as you'd like. People are calling it "poor shaming" by the bank and are not taking kindly to their advice. Do you think this tweet by Chase Bank is "poor shaming"? Would you take aim with this tweet from Chase Bank or is it just factual?


One person who did take aim with their tweet was our own Senator and now 2020 running candidate Elizabeth Warren. She clapped back at the tweet saying:


Chase Bank has since removed their original tweet that has been deemed "poor shaming". This is just one more example of snowflake nation taking over. They are afraid to hear the truth and when presented with it, play the victim card, a.k.a call it "poor shaming". Give me a has it become unacceptable for A BANK to give you accurate, financial advice? How many people do hit that coffee drive thru daily and use Uber & Lyft just to go a couple blocks? A LOT. Do you think Chase Bank is wrong on this because I don't. Sometimes we need a wake up call and who better than financial experts who handle money for a living!

Warren can try and come in and mic drop Chase Bank all she wants, but that does not change the fact that safe money practices like what Chase was suggesting in their original tweet is indeed not "poor shaming", it's common sense.

-Producer Lightning


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