Lightning List: Top 10 Best Boy Bands of all time

Every year we see the Justin Timberlake memes emerge on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram declaring the arrival of May. For those who do not know, the mid 90s to early 2000s boy band NSYNC, who contained Justin Timberlake, sang a song called "It's Gonna Be Me". People have turned that song into a meme declaring "It's gonna be May" based on the way the song sounds when sung, it sounds very similar to "May" in the way "Me" is said in the chorus, and thus the internet did what the internet does and turned it into a meme, forever annoying JT every year when May 1st is upon us. As dumb as that may seem to some, it's amusing for those familiar with the music.

In spirit of May 1st & NSYNC's song, I have come up with a Lightning List of the Top 10 Best Boy Bands of all time!

10) O-Town


9) B2K


8) Hanson


7) Jonas Brothers


6) Boyz II Men


5) 98 Degrees


4) One Direction


3) New Kids On The Block


2) Backstreet Boys




That is the rundown of the Top 10 BEST Boy Bands of all time! I understand KPOP is a thing right now and mega popular but I don't get it and they are definitely not in line with these classic boy bands so no they are not on my personal list...Yes, NSYNC is #1, hello! These are all solid boy bands but regardless of the fact that NSYNC broke up, they had the best voices, dance moves, and songs overall. Sorry I'm not sorry for choosing them as the #1 best of all time!

Happy May Justin Timberlake!

-Producer Lightning


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