Would you ever pawn off your kid? This single dad tried to as a joke!

A Sarasota, Florida single dad, Brian Slocum, 43, tried a joke with his 7 month old baby boy for his Snapchat account. The joke did not go over very well...as the police were called on him. Slocum showed up to a local pawn shop with his 7 month old and placed him on the counter and told the pawn shop worker he wanted to know how much his child would go for. He said he was not interested in selling him, just pawning him. The shop worker did not find it funny and the exchange lasted for about a minute or less before the single dad left to which at that point the shop worker called the police to report the dad.


The Sarasota police tracked down Mr. Slocum at his house and investigated the situation into his relationship with his child. The police did not charge Slocum, even though they were not happy with using a lot of time and resources into this incident with his 7 month old.

At least Scolum was accountable for his actions and did apologize of sorts and warned the earlier generations saying that a lot of them don't realize that these types of skits have consequences. Scolum only did this prank as a way to entertain his nephew who has been urging him to get a Snapchat account.

What do you make of this incident down in Sarasota? Was it funny? Would you have called the police on this single dad if you witnessed this or would you let it go understanding it was a joke?

-Producer Lightning


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