Crazy Feminist Call For Sex Strike In Attempt To Punish Men

ACLU's Annual Bill Of Rights Dinner

ACLU's Annual Bill Of Rights Dinner

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When even CNN is saying that this is too divisive and setting feminism back, then you must really be out there.

On Friday via social media, notable moonbat Alyssa Milano called for all women to stop having sex with men to regain "bodily autonomy" and exact retribution on all men for the abortion laws being passed.

First and foremost, isn't this incredibly offensive to the LGBT community? I thought liberals cared about lesbians and gay people? What about transgenders? Seems like Alyssa Milano is pretty homophobic and transphobic to me.

And what about female sex workers? Are you trying to tell them to stop working the job they love because of your political view? That is pretty bigoted of you Alyssa. Don't people have the right to work without judgement?

In her tweet, Alyssa also said that "Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy." So by calling for a sex strike, woman can't possibly get pregnant. Alyssa Milano is pretty much saying that abstinence is the most effective form of birth control. Thank You Alyssa! The GOP have been saying that for years! We are so proud of you for finally seeing that. Who knows, maybe there is hope for you after all.

Libs punishing libs is the best thing to happen for the Republican Party since Reagan. We should support the sex strike for all our liberal friends and family. Think about it, the longer the strike, the less chance of liberals creating more liberals.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.