Fall River school lunch photo sparks "hysteria"

Fall River parents are upset over a picture of a student's school lunch that was posted online. The lunch looked very minimal and in other words, lacking enough food. The lunch in particular, which is called the "Yogurt Fun Lunch" looks anything but fun to some parents like Michael Kelly who told Channel 7 local news: "It’s not appetizing or appealing. I don’t think it’s enough nutrition for the kids.” Other parents say their kids come home every day hungry and now they are thinking they know why. The Superintendent of Public Schools in Fall River, Matthew H. Malone, said this social media post has sparked "unwarranted hysteria" and that many students love this lunch choice.

Take a look at this lunch here: Do you find it lacking?


To me, this photo does seem a bit sad but maybe the child asked for the lunch without the carrots, apple, & milk. I personally would ask for it without milk because I don't like milk. Maybe there should be other options as substitutes because when you ask for it without some of these options, it might not be enough for all students. Some don't eat much so it could be fine but others have a bigger appetite and should receive other options instead of what they do not like.

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-Producer Lightning


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