Bride upset over what baker did to her wedding cake!

An Australian bride is ripping her wedding baker for the way her wedding cake came out. The couple had an ocean themed wedding and gave their baker a photo to go off of for inspiration. The end result turned out to be quite the shock for the bride. This baker the couple employed has a good reputation in the area for making the best cakes. The bride, vented on social media saying: "I had to pay for a tasting in the form of six cupcake flavors that I wanted to try. Paid the deposit, sure that I would get my dream wedding cake."

The first photo here is the inspiration photo the couple wanted the cake to look like:

Then this is the cake the couple ended up with:

The couple thought the two large pearls inside the clam cake topper looked more like "testicles" than pearls and were totally shocked when they walked into their reception party to this display. Would you be outraged or just laugh it off? Would you demand a refund? I can tell you as someone planning my wedding right now, I would be upset but ultimately you have to let it go and enjoy the rest of your wedding. For reasons like this couple's wedding cake outcome, I specifically asked my baker to draw up a design for me to see before they make it into the actual cake. You need to make sure you are on the same page because your idea of what was talked about could be very different than the baker's and clearly it was in this couple's case. There are a lot of emotions that run high around a wedding and if you can take all the precautions possible to get the outcome you want, then you have to do that!

-Producer Lightning


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