Maine is the 1st state to ban Native American mascots in public schools

The state of Maine has become the first state to ban Native American mascots in their public schools throughout the state. The state has heard from numerous tribal organizations in Maine stating that they find it offensive and it's a source of "pain and anguish" for them to see such reflections in their schools across the state. This new law of Maine's will prohibit any school from "having or adopting a name, symbol or image that depicts or refers to a Native American tribe, individual, custom or tradition and that is used as a mascot, nickname, logo, letterhead or team name of the school."


The state of Maine is leading the charge with this charge and a lot of it's representatives like Rep. Benjamin Collins of Portland, Maine, think this ban is a good thing: "Our tribal communities laid the foundation of our state. They are people, not mascots."

There is currently only one high school left in Maine that has a Native American Mascot, the Snowhegan Area High School and prior to this new ban, they decided to ditch the mascot anyway and adopt a new one.

Are you for or against what Maine is doing? VB is all for it and thinks it's about time a state took action like this. I on the other hand think it should be left to the town and individual school to vote on. I personally am not offended and think some of these mascots are highlighting or respecting the heritage of the Native American people in that area. However if the tribes in these areas are pained by this reflection and do not find it respectful, then their wishes should be granted but make sure it's what they want, not just what you think they want because there are other states and tribes that are fine with some school's mascots honoring them.


-Producer Lightning


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