Trump vs. Pelosi as impeachment pressure grows

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is having a bit of trouble keeping the other Democrats at bay as they increase pressure towards moving forward with the impeachment of President Trump. The Democrats had a closed door meeting this morning where things got heated. Pelosi stands with the opinion that they should not pursue impeachment at this time, to which the Democrats keep fighting her on it and some even think her decision to hold off is based off of political reasons. She left the closed door meeting this morning with some statements to the press that Mr. President was not too thrilled about:


President Trump and Nancy Pelosi along with Chuck Schumer were scheduled to have a meeting at the White House this morning on infrastructure after the Democrats earlier meeting. POTUS Trump got wind of what Pelosi said and was fuming. He shut down their meeting as soon as they got there, basically saying there will be no talks of infrastructure or working together as soon as they continue to investigate and pursue him. He directly said: "I walked into the room and I told Sen. Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, I want to do infrastructure. But you can’t do it under these circumstances."


Furthermore, President Trump went on in the Rose Garden presser to address his issues with the Democrats and was adamant that he "does not do cover ups".


Nancy Pelosi insists there is no division among the Democratic party but some might beg to differ. Do you think impeachment is on the horizon for President Trump? Is Pelosi correct about a "cover up" or is President Trump correct that he "does not do cover ups"?


Geoff Diehl and VB weigh in on the feud that is Pelosi and the Dems vs. President Trump & the White House over impeachment.


-Producer Lightning


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