Did President Trump call Duchess Megan Markle "nasty"?

President Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump are in England for a 3 day special visit to the country. They have met with the Queen as well as Prince Charles and Dutchess Camilla of Cornwell. Mr. President and First Lady Melania will not be meeting with Megan Markle, who is American, due to her being on Maternity leave. President Trump was asked during a presser about Megan Markle's earlier comments made when he was campaigning to be President. She said she would leave the country and go to Canada if he became President and of course now we know that he indeed became President, she did leave the country, only went to England. It was President Trump's answer that has some Royal fans up in arms over the idea that his words raise the question as to whether he called her "nasty". Hear the comments here and you be the judge:


Now upon first hearing this, I interpreted it as POTUS Trump calling her nasty but then a caller pointed out his specific wording that said "I did not know she was nasty". That changes it a little in terms of the fact that he did not directly call her that but he did imply it and put on the table her being associated with a nasty attitude or behavior. If I had to pick a ruling, I would say he did call her nasty. In all actuality though, who cares? President Trump is entitled to his opinion and she did in fact say some nasty things about him and opposed his campaign and now his presidency so she wasn't a peach to him so why should he hold back these very softball comments saying he "didn't know she was nasty". I don't have a problem with those comments and I'm a fan of the Royals. Now Megan is not my favorite, I'm more of a Kate Middleton fan but I feel like Kate is classier anyway and does not speak out politically, whereas Megan did so she asked asked for it. Thoughts?


-Producer Lightning


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