Just when you thought spin class could not get any harder..

Have you ever taken a spin class? I have not but have seen them and been told it can be intense in a good way. It already looks hard core in those spin classes where the lights go down low and the instructor seems like they had 10 red bulls as they are frantically instructing the rest of the class to go faster and harder as they look like Speedy Gonzales. I can't imagine the class style getting any more intense until now after seeing this latest trend with spin bikes. A former gymnast has created this new style of spin workout that really takes spin to a new level. I can't even explain it...you just have to see this!


Are you kidding me right now? I'm tired looking at this! Oh my goodness...I feel like I'd have trouble keeping both feet on the bike to begin with, let alone one foot suspended in the air while still biking intensely with the remaining single foot. Whew that is intense and something I do not foresee myself doing unless I want a chipped tooth or two in my near future. Would you do this? If you would and have and survived to tell the tale, I give you mad props!

-Producer Lightning


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