German Circus uses holograms instead of real animals to stop animal cruelty

A German circus, "Circus Roncalli" has done something very innovative with their shows to do their part to stop animal cruelty. They have implemented animal holograms into their shows instead of the real animals! The circus has been operating since 1976 and with opposition to circus animals and the animal rights advocates in full force, this seems to be a very smart and creative idea by them to survive. Circus Roncalli partnered with the company Bluebox to use Optoma projectors, specifically eleven ZU850 laser projectors, to create the stunning holograms that are showcased during each Circus Roncalli show. Now, the shows still feature acrobats, fiery circles, etc. but just without live animals. You can still get the experience you crave but without the cruelty!

Check out these stunning holograms in action here during some of Circus Roncalli's shows:


I think this is a fantastic idea! I'm a big animal lover and will not go to a circus that has live animals because of how much I object to it. I do not believe animals should be held in captivity by circuses for our entertainment. I'm very against it. I'll go even further, I do not even like zoos or theme parks featuring animals UNLESS they are more of a sanctuary to protect the animals and they have the animal's best interest at heart, not for human entertainment. Bottom line, this is a good idea and I think more circuses should follow suit.

-Producer Lightning


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