POTUS Trump calls London mayor a "stone cold loser"! Is he right?

President Trump is on a 3 day trip to England and on his way to England he tweeted out some statements about London Mayor Sadiq Khan, criticizing him for his job as mayor. He went on to call Khan a "stone cold loser". President Trump claims Khan has been "nasty" to him for a while and should not be so nasty to the most "important ally of the United Kingdom".

While taking questions from the British press after visiting with Prime Minister Theresa May, a reporter asked President Trump directly about his comments on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and followed up with asking Prime Minister May if she agreed with Trump's statements.


London Mayor Sadiq Khan fired back against President Trump's comments against him:


Mayor Sadiq Khan initially put out this video that triggered President Trump to tweet out what he said calling Khan a "stone cold loser". This is the video Khan initially put out:


This was President Trump's response:


Now do you blame President Trump for his statements calling the London Mayor a "stone cold loser"? Was it un-presidential or unprofessional of him?

-Producer Lightning


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