The "Tolerant Left" Proves Once Again How Bigoted They Really Are

Male and female sign entangled

Male and female sign entangled

(Photo by Raycat)

"Parades are inherently gay." one twitter user stated when hearing that the original sexuality was finally getting it's own parade and celebration. Awfully heterophobic of them, and every other crazy leftist who spit vile comments about the organizers of this parade. Straight pride was viewed as MAGA pride, and you already know what they saw about supporters of the President of the United States of America. What a wild world we live in when, simply by being born straight, you are lumped into the racist, misogynistic and homophobic category of Donald Trump.

As if that wasn't crazy enough, popular brands typically associated with "straight" men also lambasted the idea of straight pride, washed up band Smash Mouth tweeting "F**K OFF!" and AXE body spray stating that they would "only be at the parade that matters" referring to the upcoming Gay Pride festivities this weekend.

I find it very interesting all the jokes coming out, stereotyping straight people, specifically men. If somebody made a joke that all gay men wear tank tops, makeup and only watch the musical RENT, the internet would explode with fury, accusations of homophobia flying everywhere. Also, isn't it sexist to assume women aren't straight or won't be attending? Huh, how the tables have turned.

According to a press release by "Super Happy Fun America" the group behind the parade in Boston, the start time would be 12pm and the tentative date is sometime in August, pending approval by City of Boston.

More from their statement:

The City of Boston rejected Super Happy Fun America’s application to raise the straight pride flag at city Hall. Unfortunately, the Walsh administration is not yet committed to creating a supportive environment for straights and equality for all. We will continue to educate the Mayor and the public in anticipation that one day straights will be able to celebrate their lifestyle like everyone else. What better way to educate and foster unity than by having a parade!
No registration is required. The event is free and open to the public. All are welcome. Antifa (short for Anti-Fun) is not welcome because they oppose happiness and fun.
We are requesting that the city give us the same parade route as the Boston Pride Parade. We also request the same accommodations given for the LGBTQ+ parade to include street closings and the inclusion of vehicles and floats in the parade. Contact us if you would like your vehicle or float to be part of the parade.
The flag raising ceremony will take place immediately following the parade. The Blue and Pink flag will be raised over Boston City Hall. This will be followed by speeches and outreach to the community. We invite Mayor Martin J. Walsh to participate and express the city’s support for the straight community.

To be absolutely clear, nothing about gay people, women, minorities, transgender individuals, or anything else has been said or even mentioned by the Super Happy Fun America. Not once. All they said was that they were organizing a pride parade for a sexuality that is never celebrated or seen in a positive light. Yikes, it's like the moonbats want Trump to get re-elected.


The first Gay pride parade in the US was in 1970. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out parades have been around much longer than Gay Pride. Democrats really need to open a History book every now and then.