VP Pence defends omitting Gay Pride flags at U.S. embassies

Vice President Mike Pence stands by the decision of the Trump Administration to omit Gay Pride flags from flying at U.S. Embassies around the globe at at least four embassies such as: Israel, Germany, Latvia, and Brazil. The reason is not due to what you'd expect from Vice President Pence who has been strongly criticized for his Christian beliefs. The reason he does not think the flags should be flown at the embassies is due to the fact that the State Department said that American flags and only American flags should be flown on the flag poles of American embassies. It's nothing personal, it's a policy to represent just the country as a whole.


Ever since Vice President Pence has been in office, lots of citizens have trolled him and criticized him for his stance on gay marriage. He is a devout Christian man who does not believe in gay marriage and while that is true, he admittedly respects all citizens of the United States and believes they should be treated fairly regardless of your religious or political beliefs. When moving to D.C, some of Pence's neighbors even put up gay flags to sort of stick it in his face. He's been to various events where people held gay pride signs as well so it's no surprise that people would assume by him agreeing with the flying of only American flags at embassies would mean him taking a religious stance but in this case it's not.

I personally don't think it's offensive or insensitive to not fly Gay Pride flags at the embassies. I think it makes sense that only American flags should fly. If we allowed other organizations and groups to do so, we'd be changing the flagpole every other week! Despite what some people think, the American flag represents all groups, religions, genders, and sexualities and we don't need to fly numerous flags all the time.

-Producer Lightning


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