Jon Stewart scolds vacant Congress for inattention to 9/11 First Responders

Comedian and celebrity, Jon Stewart scolded what little members of Congress showed up yesterday for a hearing on funding for the 9/11 First Responder's Fund. Only a small fraction of members even showed up for this bill hearing while there was a packed house of First Responders who showed up sick and even dying. Stewart has been a long time advocate for victims of 9/11 and showed up in front of Congress to speak on their behalf and was surprised to find an almost empty panel. He did not hold back with his remarks on how "shameful" Congress is regarding this subject.


Bravo Jon Stewart! This video of Stewart went viral and for good reason, he said it perfectly. This is embarrassing and shameful of Congress and our First Responders for 9/11 need to be taken care of and it SHOULD NOT take this much effort to get that accomplished. Stewart said it best: "They did their jobs...18 years later, do yours"!

A House Judiciary Committee passed this funding bill the following day after Stewart shamed them and they woke up and got smart.


-Producer Lightning


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