Lightning in a Bottle: June

My beer choice for the month of June was just like the Boston Bruins, it had all the makings of a winning beer but in the end fell a little short. Don’t get me wrong, the look of the can, a 10 out of 10! How can you get any better than this fierce looking bruin coming at you with the gleaming “Black and Gold” lettering going down the side? It looks damn good just like how the Bruins looked in Game 1 of the Finals but then Game 2 came and you had a taste and it was not living up to what you expected. The black lager 16 fl oz. beer with a 4.9% ALC./VOL. is bold and rich and hits you hard with a bite at first just like the Bruins in Game 3 but then the aftertaste is just “eh” like Game 4 when the Bruins lost 2-4. If I’m being honest, it did not leave me wanting more. Now Sam Adams makes a great beer, don’t get me wrong but I feel as though the hype of this beer lies in the design not in the brew itself.

I was so happy the day I got this beautiful beer can!

With that being said I am very THANKFUL that I got to try this beer all thanks to Waffles for graciously giving me one of his 4 pack and I’m glad I have this bad ass can to admire forever! Seriously, that was very nice of him and I won’t forget it. With that being said at the end of the day this beer results in much like the Stanley Cup Finals, taking me all the way to 7…out of 10 stars that is. Solid beer, much like the Bruins, solid team, but in the end it wasn’t enough. I will say this though…the “Black & Gold” Black Lager from Sam Adams is still better than anything they have in St. Louis!

-Producer Lightning


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