7-Eleven to offer public delivery service for "Slurpees" & other snacks!

The convenience store chain, 7-Eleven has rolled out a new "public delivery" service this week to some "hot spot" areas where they have a lot of business. The chain is offering to bring you that cool, refreshing, icy, Slurpee you love right to your park bench! The delivery service is not just limited to slurpees though. They will deliver anything else they carry in store right to your public hangout. Gurmeet Singh, the company's chief digital information and marketing officer, said this when asked about the new service: "We've been on this journey to redefine convenience. This makes it easy for people to stay in the moment."


7-Eleven does not require a minimum order for delivery, however if it's under $15 you have to pay a $1.99 fee. In general all deliveries cost a fee of $3.99 no matter what it is that you order. 7-Eleven says the average wait time for delivery is 30 minutes.

They started this public delivery service in their most popular "hot spots" like Venice Beach and Central Park where they have a lot of 7-Eleven locations around those areas. The company anticipates that it will eventually be able to deliver to around 200,000 of it's hot spots. This is all possible due to 7-Eleven partnering with PostMates delivery service.

What do you think? Are you that lazy where you can't walk or drive to a 7-Eleven yourself? Or do you think this is a genius idea and you're all about any convenience you can get!

-Producer Lightning


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