Did Robert Mueller even read his own report?

Today Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to discuss his "Mueller Report" that took a look into possible collusion between the Trump campaign in 2016 and Russia in addition to whether President Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice. Soon after the house members started asking Mueller questions, it was apparent that Mueller seemed to be struggling with his words and answers. It left some wondering at first if it was an act and second whether he even knows his own report that well! There were numerous moments where different members of the house such as Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. John Ratcliffe, and Rep. Matt Gaetz really pummeled him and he was left looking dumbfounded. These are some of the stunning moments that transpired and truly make the Democrats look like a bunch of fools for going forward with this hearing even after Mueller warned them not to...

Good point Jordan! How can all these Russians be charged but the guy we know who saw it all isn't?

I think Rep. Ratcliffe was literally going for a mic drop moment after slamming down his notes...he is right, the President is not above the law but he "damn sure shouldn't be below the law"!

At some point you almost feel bad for Robert Mueller. His stumbling all over his answers really show his age and gives you the picture of an elderly man who is being verbally attacked. That's what it looks like on the surface based on Mueller's inability to answer strongly and matter of factly.

Chris Wallace of Fox News sums up this whole charade best:

Do you think with this whole hearing being such a blunder for the Democrats will be something Nancy Pelosi uses against "The Squad" as a way to tell them to back off because of how poorly this hearing turned out and made them look bad?

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