TSA agent handed traveler a note that said "You Ugly"

A TSA agent at the Rochester Airport up in New York was fired after she handed a traveler a hand written note that said "You Ugly". The traveler, Neal Strassner, said he was walking through the security checkpoint when this happened: "I got handed something; I really didn't look at the thing. I kept going. She called back to me a few times, asked me if I was going to read the note or open it or something like that. I do and look at it and look at her, kind of shrug my shoulders and she laughs."

This moment was luckily captured on video:


Presumably Strassner was not the only one the agent planned on handing a note to. As he said, after he left, the video shows her writing another note, ready to hand the next traveler who comes through her line. What's this TSA agent's deal? Is this her way of flirting? Is she just bitter and mean and wants to ruin someone's day? What's her story? Whatever she wanted it to be, her story took a turn for the worse when she was fired after this little stunt of hers. Do you agree with this decision by the airport to fire her? I do. You cannot have employees harassing travelers in such a childlike manner as writing nasty note. The airport made a smart decision when they made like Trump and said "You're fired".

-Producer Lightning


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