Is it a raven or a rabbit?

A new video has surfaced online that has people scratching their heads wondering if the creature in the featured video is a raven or a rabbit. It's a black furry creature that someone is petting and it appears to have what could be either rabbit ears or a raven's beak. The man whose hand you see petting the creature in the video is Dan Quintana and he does reveal the actually identity of the creature. Before we reveal it though, this is a video of the undeclared creature...can you guess what the creature is? It's like the new "is it a black or blue dress"?


I think it's a raven. Rabbits don't have ears on top of each other like that! That's a beak! While rabbits and ravens can both be black, it's the placement of the ears, missing mouth, and where the man is petting the animal that gives it away. Would he pet the bunny's face that way? I doubt it, regardless if bunnies like their noses rubbed...

Quintana revealed that it is indeed a raven! It is fun to see and guess though...

-Producer Lightning


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