What would you do if your boss asked you to "shave your legs"?

One anonymous woman took to the website Reddit to complain about how her boss had a private chat with her to discuss her "hygiene". What was the issue? The boss claimed that the female employee did not shave her legs to the company's satisfaction, therefore violating the company's policy on personal hygiene at the workplace. The boss went on to say that numerous other employees in the workplace complained about her lack of shaving as well, which led to this discussion. The woman was outraged that men are not asked to shave their legs but, she being a female employee was criticized for something men in the office get away with. Additionally, the boss spoke to Human Resources to schedule a meeting between HR and the employee regarding this matter. This is the personal post from Reddit...

*image supplied by Reddit*

Did this company and boss go too far asking this woman to shave her legs? I personally think so...this isn't even a feminist take about women being treated differently than men, it's about what's fair. In the day and age of 2019, where men and women and gender-less people alike are supposed to be treated equally, you cannot as a company have one protocol for women and another for men. If you have a policy on clean shaven legs, that needs to apply to both men and women because we live in a world where society is crying out for gender equality and as a company you cannot be going against the grain like that or you better have one heck of a PR person. You have a rule on being clean shaven? Apply it to everyone...Thoughts?


-Producer Lightning


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