Lightning List: Top 10 Best Musicals Of All Time

It's been a while since I did a "Lightning List" and musicals have come up in the conversation as of late. It was only appropriate that I comprise a list of the top 10 best musicals of all time. This includes Broadway shows, TV musical movies and the like. Most times the Broadway show and the TV adapted version go hand in hand so I took all of this into play when putting together my list of the best musicals of all time. I am a theatre and Disney person so this was tough for me because I had to narrow down so many good choices to make my top 10 but I am confident that my top 10 selection is precisely the best musicals of all time. Do you agree? Here is my list counting down from 10:

Number 10: Les Miserables


Number 9) Annie


Number 8) Wicked


Number 7) Mamma Mia


Number 6) Beauty & The Beast


Number 5) Aladdin


Number 4) Grease


Number 3) Chicago


Number 2) Singin' In The Rain


Number 1) The Lion King


That's my Lightning List of the top 10 best musicals of all time!


-Producer Lightning


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