Queen Elizabeth II upset POTUS Trump "ruined" her lawn at Buckingham Palace

According to sources out of Australia, Queen Elizabeth II is not too pleased with what was left in the wake of President Trump's last visit to Buckingham Palace this past summer. On President Trump's second visit to England, his helicopter landed on the grounds of Buckingham Palace and left behind scorch marks on the lawn. The Queen was not too happy about that. When Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited the Palace following President Trump's visit, the Queen took the Minister into her gardens and according to a source close to the Minister, she said: "Come and look at my lawn. It's ruined."


Queen Elizabeth II takes her gardens very seriously, seeing as how she hosts numerous events at Buckingham Palace, including annual garden parties. The damage to the lawn at Buckingham Palace includes the scorch marks in addition to divots in the grass from when the helicopter landed. The White House has not commented on this report nor made any comment on the claim. President Trump has been publicly known to admire and favor the Queen so it's naturally assumed the scorched lawn was an honest and unintentional mistake.


President Trump loves to make an entrance and let's just say he certainly left a lasting (literally) impression with The Queen!

-Producer Lightning


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