Gronk urges the sports industry to get behind CBD oil

New England Patriots Football Superstar, Rob Gronkowski has taken on a new endeavor after retiring from the NFL this past year. Gronk had a big announcement yesterday and some thought it was that he decided to not retire after all and will continue to play football in this upcoming season. That was not the case...Gronk came out in support of CBD oil and sited it as being a factor that has turned his life around. As most know, Gronk has taken some serious hits while playing in the NFL and over the course of his career he has had to have 9 different surgeries. In his most recent injury, it left him having severe pain so bad that he could not even sleep through the night. It was not until he started taking CBD oil, a suggestion his dad had, that he started feeling great. His goal is to now be a spokesperson for CBD oil and educate people on it's benefits. Gronk has taken to the media to urge the sports industry to reconsider their outlook on CBD oil and he is a living example of how the product can works miracles for professional athletes. These were this thoughts yesterday:


CBD comes in various forms and it's not what people think. It does not have the hallucinogenic affects that you think of regular marijuana having. This is a component of the plant that has been found to aid in relieving pain. To find out more about CBD Medic, the company Gronk has partnered with, visit the site HERE.

Would you take CBD oil? For pain? Have you?


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