"Wok-Ness Monsters"-NY Post reveals workers cleaning dishes in TN lake

The NY Post has released an article revealing how a Chinese restaurant in the suburbs of Nashville, TN was caught washing their pots and pans in a local lake, Old Hickory Lake. This Chinese restaurant called "No.1 Chinese Restaurant" was caught washing everything from pots and pans to grills from their kitchen at Old Hickory Lake's boat dock. Something tells me they won't be "No. 1" for long after getting busted doing this. Their reasoning for using the lake? "They wanted to wash it somewhere where that grease wasn’t going down their drain."

The Metro Health Department ordered "No. 1 Chinese Restaurant" to close and sanitize everything. In addition, the owner was issued a citation.


"No. 1 Chinese Restaurant" took care of business fairly quickly because later that evening they were back and opened for business! Numerous people took to social media saying that regardless of this news coming out, they have never gotten sick there and believe it's a clean place.

Would you ever eat there again if you saw found out your local Chinese restaurant washed their pans this way? We ask listeners about their mortifying restaurant stories...


-Producer Lightning


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