Woman swallows her engagement ring in her sleep!

A woman out of San Diego, Jenna Evans, had a dream where she was on a train with her fiance and they were running from and fighting some "bad guys". In her dream, her fiance apparently told her to swallow her engagement ring to keep it safe and prevent the "bad guys" from taking it.

Evans woke up to discover her nightmare was actually a reality! She swallowed her engagement ring in her sleep! How? Apparently she was so emotionally invested in this ring and afraid it was going to get taken from her, her brain must have thought it was real life and not a dream!


Luckily Evans engagement ring was retrieved and she did not have to wait till it passed through her. It gave her a lot of discomfort and pain and doctors were able to remove it via upper endoscopy.

Evans and her fiance will have her ring on her finger next May when they get married.

Has something like this ever happened to you or someone you know? Some find this story very suspect and don't believe she swallowed her ring in this way...I'm inclined to believe her because as a woman who was just married, when you get engaged and get this new ring on your finger that you wear all the time, you're very careful with it and would not be putting yourself in a situation where you're likely to swallow it so this was a total nightmare that came true (literally)!

-Producer Lightning


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