"Chesna-Gannon" bill would bring back the death penalty for cop killers

A new bill was filed this week in the house called the "Chesna-Gannon" bill. This bill would reintroduce the death penalty for cop killers in the state of Massachusetts. It was named after the two police officers, Officer Chesna of the Weymouth PD and Officer Gannon of the Yarmouth PD, both who were killed by civilians while on the job. The bill was filed by two Massachusetts State Republican Representatives, Shauna O'Connell and David DeCoste. This reintroduction would not mean the death penalty was necessarily mandatory but it would be an option during the sentencing phase of the trial.

Representative O'Connell had this to say when talking to WCVB, "Allowing capital punishment will help law enforcement do their job. It will save lives and it will help law enforcement keep our communities safe."


Would you be in favor of reintroducing the death penalty in Massachusetts? More specifically in the the case of cop killers? I personally would. I know I'm bias based on the fact that my husband is a police officer but if someone gunned him down in cold blood, I'd want that to be at least an option. What do you think?


-Producer Lightning


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