SD Memory Card Discovered on an Alaskan Street That Showed a Woman's Murder

Samsung MicroSD Cards And Memory Modules Ahead of Results

Samsung MicroSD Cards And Memory Modules Ahead of Results

A man has been placed under arrest a little more than one month after a resident in Alaska discovered an SD memory card in the street that reportedly showed a woman being murdered, it was reported today.

Anchorage Police say Brian Steven Smith, 48, has been arrested on charges of first-degree murder in the death of a woman whose remains were found near the Seward Highway last week.

Police say the SD Card, labeled "homicide at midtown Marriott," was turned in by the a woman on Sept. 30, according to charging documents obtained by KTUU in Anchorage. The SD card reportedly contained 39 images and 12 videos showing the woman's murder as it played out.

"Once we viewed images on the SD card, we notified our detectives in the homicide unit and they took over that part of the investigations," APD spokesman MJ Thim told the station.

One video even contained footage of the woman being strangled and a man's voice saying "Just... die..." according to a report from the Associated Press. Photos also showed the woman under a blanket on a hotel luggage cart and in the suspect's truck bed.

Investigators were able to narrow down the suspect to Smith because detectives were familiar with his accent from another ongoing investigation. Anchorage police did not elaborate what the other investigation was about or Smith's role in it. Cell phone records confirmed Smith was in t he area where the remains were found within minutes of when the last photo was taken. Police believe Smith recorded the video and took the photos himself, but do not have an explanation for why the SD card was dropped in the street.

Police took Smith into custody without incident at the Ted Stevens International Airport on Tuesday. Smith appeared in court on Wednesday and was assigned a public defender after he told the judge he could not afford a lawyer.

So far, the woman in the video has not been identified by the Medical Examiner's office, nor have authorities released the cause of death for her.

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