Bernie Sanders' "summer camp" is actually a $600,000 mansion!

Last night's Democratic Debate in Las Vegas was the first time we all got to see and hear from former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. The other Democrats took full advantage and went on the attack right out of the gate & it was entertaining to say the least! Most of the night Bloomberg was backed into a corner by the other candidates as they delivered hit after hit, but Bloomberg did have one moment where he got Bernie Sanders good. He was the one candidate who forced Bernie Sanders to explain why as a Democratic Socialist, he has not one, not two, but THREE houses! You can see how flustered Bernie got over it too! Take a look and hear his answer:

A "summer camp", huh? Interesting how this "summer camp" that Bernie is referring to cost about $600,000 dollars and includes a widespread manicured lawn on a extremely private point of land that so happens to be waterfront property on this lake in Vermont. It's just a "camp" though...Thousands of other Vermonters must have these types of "camps" too.

That is some "camp" Bernie!

-Producer Lightning

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