Pelosi says police reform bill has to "be worthy of George Kirby's name"...

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was speaking during her weekly news briefing where she dropped a rather head scratching statement. She was speaking about the House's passed police reform bill that was named after George Floyd, the man who was tragically killed in Minneapolis at the hands of a police officer. The Democrat led police reform bill officially titled the "George Floyd Justice in Policing Act" was officially passed by the House on Thursday evening with a vote of 236 to 181.

Today, Nancy Pelosi was explaining her stance on the police reform bill saying that it "needs to be worthy of George Kirby's name". Who's George Kirby?

Did she just get wrong the name of the very person she's adamant the bill is worthy of? YUP. She pulled "a Biden", which is a term we now use for when you have a gaffe based on how often it happens to Biden. That's pretty unbelievable if you ask me. I get people make mistakes but is it too much to ask to get (I would argue) the most popular and most often said name in the last month's name? Furthermore IT'S THE NAME OF THE BILL! Unreal if you ask me.

-Producer Lightning

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