Don Lemon urges Left to address rioting because it's affecting the polls

CNN's Don Lemon was speaking on CNN to Chris Cuomo about the current unrest in now Kenosha where there is constant rioting, looting, violence, and destruction in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake. It was during this conversation on TV where he said "the rioting has to stop". He urged the Left and Joe Biden in particular to address the rioting and looting as "it's showing up in the polling and in the focus groups." Is that the only reason the Left should address the rioting and looting going on? The fact that it's affecting polling and focus groups? Not the fact that chaos is ensuing where American citizens are losing their businesses and scared for their lives all in the name of "justice"?

Ah, okay so rioting and looting is okay until it affects the Democrats polling numbers. Got it. The Dems sound like they have a real winning ticket that has all Americans best interest at heart, not just the looters and rioters interests...understood.

Bottom line, the Democrats need to address the rioting and looting that has been going on since the beginning of the Summer. They need to prove to the American people that they condemn the violence, the destruction of business, the rioting, and looting. They need to show the American people that they care about their protection instead of standing by the way side and allowing cities to burn in the name of "justice". Lead people towards justice that does not include violence and looting and make it set in because if they don't convince the American people that they care about their safety at the same time as supporting their personal cause for racial equality, they have some serious problems come November. Do not underestimate that while people may care about pushing for change, they care about the safety and protection of their family first and foremost.

-Producer Lightning

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