Greenfield man woken up by a black bear!

A Greenfield, MA man was napping outside on a lounge chair by his pool when a black bear decided to take a stroll into his enclosed pool area. Matthew Bete, left his pool gate open when he went to go lounge by his pool. A native black bear waltzed through the open gate heading towards the pool water presumably for a drink of water. While in the pool enclosure, the bear checked out the water then turned around and noticed Matthew Bete lounging on the chair. The bear then walked up to Matthew, sniffed his foot then pawed at it only to get startled when Matthew stirred by the bear's disturbance. Watch the moment unfold here:

That's wild! Matthew is lucky the black bear was just as startled by his presence as he was at first by the bear! Although Matthew kept his cool enough to immediately grab his phone and take a photo. You see the bear trot away at first then slowly come back to check out Matthew who is taking a picture of the bear then he turns and leaves. Have you ever experienced something like this? A wild animal waltz into your resting area?

-Producer Lightning

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