Nancy Pelosi gets snippy with reporter on Hunter Biden question

Today during a press conference that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was holding, a reporter asked her about possible corruption in the Biden campaign after Hunter Biden and his emails revealed a connection between board members at Burisma and Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi immediately interrupted the reporter who was still asking the question and got snippy with her telling her that she will not be answering those questions and furthermore she won't be answering any questions other than about COVID-19.

Was this a necessary response? You would think she would have a ready made response for these questions by now. Furthermore, look at how the press just immediately backed off and only started asking her questions about COVID from that moment on...

Can you imagine if President Trump said "I'm not taking any questions about that and only on such and such subject"? Do you think the press would back down immediately the way they did with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Absolutely not! The press would continue to go after President Trump like a pack of hungry seagulls. Unreal. To me, this appears to be just another example of how the press respects the Democrats and treats them fairly but is ruthless with President Trump and some of his administration.

-Producer Lightning