It's the high life for one dog who was left $5 million from her dead owner!

Can you say dog-gone lucky?! Damn. I don't know if I'll ever have accumulated that much in my entire lifetime but one lucky border collie in Tennessee has for just being a man's best friend! 8 year-old Lulu the border collie was left $5 million dollars from her late owner Bill Dorris after he recently passed at the age of 83. Dorris was a successful business owner (clearly) and he was never married nor had any children. His dog was the closest thing to him, therefore prompting him to include in his will, that this large amount of money be put into a trust that would be used for Lulu's care. Lulu does have a caretaker, Martha Burton, who was a close friend of Dorris, and the will allows for Burton to be reimbursed for reasonable monthly expenses in the care of Lulu.

Apparently, Bill Dorris was someone the local community was very familiar with prior to his death. Dorris was known for having a giant statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest in his front yard that overlooked Interstate 65. The statue graced his property for about 2 decades.

Here is a picture of the statue:

As for Lulu, her caretaker Martha Burton says she doesn't know if she will be able to spend $5 million on taking care of the dog but she said, "I'd like to try".

That's one dog-gone lucky dog!

-Producer Lightning