This is America's most liked & disliked pizza topping...

Before I start, no, pineapple is not the most disliked topping. That heated debate has been going on forever. There are some people out there who are so passionately against pineapple on pizza that you'd swear the one who discovered the beloved fruit personally came to their house and smashed up the joint. I am not one of those people. I happen to like pineapple on my pizza. There I said it. I digress though...

According to YouGov, they conducted a survey of over 6,000 Adult Americans to find out what the consensus was on most liked and least liked pizza toppings. The results?

I 100% am in agreement with the majority who dislike anchovies the most as a pizza topping. Get those fish outta here! Ew. I hate anchovies. I really do & furthermore I have had anchovies on pizza multiple times much to my displeasure and the oil and strong fishy taste overpowers the rest of the pizza and ruins it for me. It's terrible. If you ever want to ruin pizza (which you'd think would be hard to do) this is a sure way to do it in my opinion!

As for the most liked topping. I'm not in the majority with my vote and my vote is onions. Although, I support the extra cheese topping as well. I feel like you can never have enough cheese on pizza. Onions on pizza though, especially when those onions are baked to have a slight crisp is phenomenal, just so tasty. I don't eat meat so I can't speak on behalf of the pepperoni but clearly the majority of Americans in this survey think it's the bees knees.

What's your favorite pizza topping? What's your most disliked?

-Producer Lightning