Latest Presidential Poll Shows Who's Winning Between Trump And Biden

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Photo: Getty Images

The latest poll of potential voters in the 2024 presidential election from Emerson College Polling shows that former President Donald Trump is currently beating President Joe Biden 46% to 43%.

Twelve percent of voters remain undecided.

Biden's numbers slipped 2% from the previous poll, while Trump stayed steady at 46%.

When the undecided voters were asked which candidate they were leaning toward voting for, Trump was still ahead 51% to 48%.

When voters were asked about the election with independent candidates included, Trump led Biden 44% to 40%Robert Kennedy Jr. received 8%, while Cornel West was at 1%. Eight percent were undecided.

One of the biggest issues for voters is the rising cost of living.

"Voters who think the cost of living is rising support Trump over Biden, 56% to 32%," Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling, said. "Those who feel the cost of living is easing or staying the same support Biden over Trump, 94% to 6% and 67% to 18%."

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