Famed Lake Monster Filmed in China?

An employee at the gift shop of a popular Chinese national park spotted what he believes to be a legendary lake monster said to live in the region. The potential sighting reportedly occurred on Wednesday when Xiao Yu was on a break from work at Changbai Mountain National Park and stopped at a viewing platform overlooking the site's picturesque Heaven Lake. Much to the man's profound surprise, he suddenly spotted a dark object emerge from the water.

In the practice of documenting weather conditions at the park on the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, Yu quickly pulled out his phone and filmed the oddity. Noting that the anomaly appears small in the video, the witness estimated that it is actually around seven feet wide. According to Yu, the object lingered on the water for several minutes until the dutiful employee realized he had to get back to work and, as such, departed the viewing platform.

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