Watch: Soda Can Moved by Ghost?

A curious piece of footage circulating online shows a soda can seemingly being moved by an unseen force that some suspect could be a ghost. The odd video was reportedly captured earlier this month by a security system inside a Charlestown, Rhode Island residence. According the unnamed homeowners, the house has been a hotbed of strange activity since they moved in four years ago as the family has heard eerie scratching sounds, seen unsettling shadow people, and even found heavy wooden furniture that had been inexplicably moved.

In the video from their kitchen, an odd orb can be seen floating through the air and then disappearing. Moments after that, an empty soda can near the sink rotates multiple times and then slides toward the edge of the counter. Adding an extra layer of creepiness to the footage, what some believe to be an EVP seems to occur during the scene and it appears to be saying "I will kill you." The footage culminates with a puzzling thud sounds that seems to be directed towards the camera.

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