End the Shutdown

National lockdown is worse than COVID-19

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

America is committing national suicide. The latest job numbers tell the tragic story: nearly 3.9 million more Americans filed for unemployment last week. In all, over 30 million have lost their jobs in the past six weeks.

This is the most severe, swift economic collapse in history. More Americans are unemployed and have seen their businesses closed and go bankrupt than in the Great Depression. The government shutdowns have created mass unemployment, poverty and hunger.

In many cities, food lines, stretching for miles, are rampant. Our health system is on the verge of breaking due to the lack of non-COVID-19 patients and revenue. Doctors, nurses and medical staff are being laid off. Universities and colleges say they will permanently close. Factories and assembly lines are idle. Thousands of shuttered businesses will never come back. Our federal deficit and national debt are exploding. In short, our political leaders and media have imposed an economic death sentence.

And for what? The alleged aim is to combat and curb the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. Yet, contrary to Democratic and media (but I repeat myself) fear-mongering, the overwhelming evidence shows that COVID-19 is not more dangerous or lethal than the flu.

Countless studies—from Stanford University to Miami University to leading epidemiologists published in theEconomistmagazine—demonstrate that the computer models relied upon by pro-lockdown governors, mayors, the media and Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx were deeply flawed and bogus. The coronavirus is not a health crisis of unprecedented proportions (as is repeatedly claimed); rather, it is a highly contagious flu whose fatality or death rate is about 0.1 percent.

In other words, our political and media establishment have been lying to us, deliberately spreading misinformation, panic and terror. The Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine lays out the brutal facts: The novel coronavirus is fatal to about 0.14 percent of those who contract the illness—almost identical to the death rate of a severe flu.

What we know is that, because COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease, it decimates the frail elderly, especially those with chronic conditions (such as obesity, diabetes and asthma) or weak immune systems. But it is not a-once-in-a-lifetime destructive pathogen. In fact, 99.9 percent of those who get the virus will not die. The overwhelming majority show no or only mild symptoms. Only a small percentage are hospitalized; and of those, most recover.

Hence, the government-induced shutdowns and stay-at-home orders are not only economically catastrophic. They make no sense from a health care point of view. This is the greatest experiment in human history. For the first time ever, the healthy are being quarantined. Instead of protecting the elderly and isolating those who are infected, government has decided to impose sweeping authoritarian policies and economic destruction. Fauci and his blind followers are like mad scientists. And the people are their lab rats.

This Orwellian experiment is about power and social control. It has nothing to do with public health. Our ruling class has managed to suspend basic civil liberties and violate fundamental constitutional rights. Churches have been closed. Large public gatherings are banned. Businesses have been arbitrarily shut down. People’s jobs and livelihoods stripped away. Mothers arrested for taking their children to a park playground. Surfers put in hand cuffs for surfing alone in the ocean. Law-abiding citizens fined up to $1000 for not wearing face masks (most of which are useless against the virus) outside their homes. Videos challenging the Democratic-media narrative are censored and taken down on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Virtue-signaling leftists snitch on their neighbors for violating social-distancing mandates. We are being transformed into the U.S.S.A—the United Socialist States of America.

The ultimate goal, however, is to reduce Donald Trump’s presidency to rubble. Our liberal elites have embraced the draconian, tyrannical shutdowns for one overriding reason: to crush the economy in order to bring down Trump in November. They have now removed his strongest argument for re-election—namely, the pre-virus economic boom. Their aim is to turn him into a modern-day Herbert Hoover, a one-term president consumed by a Great Depression. They don’t care that tens of millions of ordinary working people happen to be collateral damage. Wealthy, privileged and living in a bubble—our ruling class are immune to the economic and social devastation they have unleashed.                        

Americans need to rise up before it’s too late. We have the right to eat; we have the right to feed our children; we have the right to work; we have the right to live our lives; and we have the right to reclaim our God-given constitutional liberties and freedoms.

This is why I will be speaking at the Liberty Rally on Monday, May 4that 2:00 pm on the steps of Boston City Hall. I am asking—no, I am begging—all of my fellow patriots to join me. I will be demanding that Gov. Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh do one simple thing: End the shutdown now. Or risk the wrath of the American people. History will never forgive you. 

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6:00-10:00 am EST. He can be reached at:jeffreykuhner@iheartmedia.com

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