Biden’s Shame: Illegals stay in hotels, as U.S. troops sleep on floor

Joe Biden’s border crisis has become a national disaster. It threatens to overwhelm his presidency—and the country—unless something is done quickly to reverse the massive human tide engulfing our wide open southern border.

Due to Biden’s policies, the U.S.-Mexico border is broken and bleeding. The Department of Homeland Security now estimates that over 200,000 illegal migrants and unaccompanied minors are pouring into the United States a month. By the summer, one million illegal aliens are expected to have crossed the southern border; at the end of 2021, if present trends continue, that number is estimated to skyrocket to 2 million illegals. This is not just a humanitarian catastrophe, but an invasion—one openly supported and encouraged by Biden and the radical Democrats.

New photos released by Project Veritas reveal the shocking human toll of Biden’s reckless and criminal opening up of our southern border. They show thousands of unaccompanied minors are being held in a detention facility in Donna, Texas, near the southern tip of the border. The images are shocking: a sea of human misery. Kids held in filthy, unsanitary conditions; hundreds of children are packed into tight “cells,” bodies squeezing against bodies; many of them sleeping on the floor; and all of them being held in “cages.” This does not resemble America; rather, a Third-World hellhole.

Moreover, fifty of these illegal migrants have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last few days. Since the facility is so jam-packed it is a petri dish, which threatens to become a “super-spreader” of the coronavirus. Most of these migrant minors will then be released into the U.S. interior—carrying the potentially deadly virus with them to infect countless U.S. citizens.

Border patrol agents also say that migrants have been “sexually assaulted” and beaten by other illegals at the Donna facility. Human traffickers and Mexican drug cartels are reported to be earning $14 million-a-day smuggling many of these illegal minors into the United States. We are witnessing a form of modern-day slavery taking place.

No wonder the Biden administration is refusing media and NGO access to these facilities. It is engaged in a cover-up, hoping to prevent the American public from witnessing the inhumane treatment and disastrous consequences of its open border policies.

Yet, this is all being done by design. And it is a deliberate slap in the face to all Americans. The Biden regime recently announced that it has signed an $89.6 million contract with a Texas non-profit group, Endeavors. The aim: To put over 1,200 migrant families into hotel rooms for six months. That’s right: hotels, not motels.

In fact, the migrants will be staying at rooms that cost $395-a-night, plus free meals and room service included—all on the taxpayers dime. Moreover, the Biden administration announced that it plans to “expand and extend” their 5-star hotel program. Hence, not only may these migrants be staying at the local Hilton or Sheraton for years, lounging by the pool while U.S. taxpayers work to pay for their steak dinners and lavish accomodations, but this privilege could be expanded to include countless other illegal aliens.

In Biden’s America, illegal migrants are eventually put in hotel rooms, but our National Guard troops in Washington, D.C. are made to sleep on the floor in a freezing parking garage and fed contaminated food—raw chicken and beef, some containing metal shavings. It is more than a national disgrace. It is an act of civilizational self-loathing, the expression of utter contempt and hatred for the United States and its citizens.

The Democrats’ goal is obvious: To use mass illegal immigration as a weapon to demographically and culturally transform America, thereby establishing permanent one-party rule. This is why Biden is considering flying tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of illegal migrants from the southern border to the northern Canadian border, where they will be processed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. From there, they are to be resettled in the red states bordering Canada—North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The radical left will flood our country with Third World illegal aliens, hoping to flip every Republican state blue.

The New World Order is being born right in front of our eyes. Biden is a left-wing globalist, whose illegitimate regime is waging a ceaseless war against Middle America. His border crisis is the Trojan horse to subdue and defeat the historic American nation.

It is up to the red states, especially Texas, to rise up politically and stop this invasion before it’s too late. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott should declare a state of emergency and order the state’s National Guard troops to secure the southern border. The governors of every other red state should pull all of their National Guard soldiers from Washington, D.C. and direct them to aid Texas. Also, every Republican state attorneys general should sue the Biden administration for the national disaster taking place at the border.    

Which begs the question: Where are the congressional Republicans? Ted Cruz? Rand Paul? Mitch McConnell? Kevin McCarthy? Steve Scalise? Once again, the only major national leader speaking out is former President Trump. They should be decrying Biden’s treasonous betrayal at every turn. Instead, most Beltway Republicans remain silent. History will say that, when their country needed them, they turned a blind eye. Shame on them.

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6:00-10:00 am EST. He can be reached at:

Photo: Getty Images