Biden’s March on Atlanta: He’s waging economic war against Georgia

Joe Biden has declared war on Georgia. The Peach State’s alleged crime is the passage of an election integrity law.

Biden, the liberal media and the Democrats are claiming the legislation is “voter suppression.” Biden has even called it “Jim Crow on steroids.” In a recent interview on ESPN, the commander-in-chief urged Major League Baseball (MLB) to pull its All Star Game from Atlanta on July 13, 2021 and relocate it to another city and state. Biden said the law is “sick” and “un-American,” arguing that it prevents voters from casting a ballot after 5:00 pm when they get off work and bans giving people water while waiting in voting lines. According to Biden, the goal is to block blacks and minorities from voting—effectively disenfranchising them.

Caving to pressure, MLB announced it is moving the All Star Game and the baseball draft, scheduled to take place July 11-13, to Denver, Colorado. Other woke corporations are threatening to boycott the Peach State as well, including Atlanta-based Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola. MLB’s decision will cost Georgia an estimated $190 million in revenue—with most of the economic pain being inflicted upon black-owned businesses in the greater Atlanta metro area. This is why even social justice activist Stacey Abrams and Atlanta’s Democratic mayor oppose the boycott; it disproportionately impacts and hurts minorities.

More importantly, Biden’s boycott is predicated on a pack of lies. The election law actually expands early voting access, making two extra Saturdays mandatory for those wishing to cast their ballots before Election Day. It also ensures that on Election Day the polls remain open from 7:00 am-7:00 pm, with those arriving at the voting line by 7:00 pm guaranteed to be able to vote no matter how long they wait.

Furthermore, voters in line can drink all the water and eat all the food they want. They can even order a pizza; watercoolers filled with cold water bottles will be provided (for free) at every polling station. What the law does prohibit are third party, outside groups using food and drinks as a means to bribe voters to back a specific candidate. No wonder The Washington Post gave Biden “Four Pinocchios” for his voter suppression claims. They are outrageous smears—incendiary lies designed to stoke racial hatred and liberal hysteria.

Numerous other states, such as New York and Biden’s Delaware, have more restrictive voting laws. Which begs the question: Why then target Georgia? The answer is simple: Voter ID. The Georgia election integrity legislation insists that voters, who wish to apply for a mail-in ballot, need to produce a valid photo ID or state-issued ID. Voters in Georgia must already show valid ID when voting in person. The law simply extends that provision to mail-in voting. And if someone cannot obtain a photo ID or driver’s license, Georgia will provide them with a state-issued ID free of charge. In other words, the voter ID provision is a major step toward stopping voter fraud and election theft. This is why Biden and the Democrats are frantically trying to demonize Georgia. They (rightly) fear they will lose the next election, especially if other states follow suit.

Having stolen the last presidential election—and the two Georgia Senate seat run-offs—liberals are not eager to have free and fair elections. Ultimately, Biden wants to falsely make Georgia a poster child for “Jim Crow”-style racism as a warning to other red and purple states: Pass election integrity laws at your peril. Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Texas—the message is loud and clear: Just like Georgia, states in Middle America can and will be brought to their economic knees if they dare to defy Biden’s vile, corrupt regime.

The Democrats are fomenting hatred against Georgia in order to galvanize support for HR 1, a radical bill in Congress that seeks to federalize elections, eliminate all state voter ID laws, and permanently enshrine national, universal mail-in voting. HR 1 would entrench the rigging of future elections, thereby guaranteeing one-party Democratic rule.

To achieve this, Biden is waging an economic civil war not only against Georgia, but every red state. He is using the power of economic boycotts to bully, silence and intimidate Republican opposition. Woke corporations, wanting favors and support from the Biden regime, are only too happy to join in this progressive onslaught on Middle America. Biden is a liberal fascist, whose administration is fusing Big Government, Big Business, Big Media and Big Tech to impose a system of national socialism.

This is why patriots must stand up now before it’s too late. It’s high time to hit MLB, Delta and Coke where it hurts: their pocket book. We need to wage a counter-boycott of our own. I will not watch baseball or buy any Coke product or fly on Delta ever again. If millions of other conservatives and patriots join me, then we can starve these corporate behemoths. And finally teach them a lesson: Get woke, go broke.

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6:00-10:00 am EST. He can be reached at:

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