Canceling Caitlyn Jenner: Woke mob targets Jenner for being ‘anti-trans’

Caitlyn Jenner is being canceled. Her alleged crime: She believes biological boys who identity as girls should be prohibited from participating in women’s sports.

Why? Because Jenner believes it is fundamentally unfair to biological girls; males are innately stronger, bigger and faster than females, giving them a decisive advantage in competitive sports—especially, at the high school and college levels.

Jenner is right. Transgender girls should be banned from competing in girls’ sports. For years, biological males wearing a skirt or putting on lipstick have been allowed to compete in high school female track, wrestling or swimming competitions—shattering records and destroying their biological female competitors. Girls and their parents have been frustrated and outraged as these trans girls, unable to defeat biological boys, sweep competitions and with it the university athletic scholarships and grants that should be going to females. This is why five states have already passed laws preventing transgender girls from participating in women’s sports. Over 30 states are also considering implementing similar laws.

Jenner is a Republican candidate for governor in California. It’s important to note that she was asked by TMZ for her opinion on whether trans girls should be allowed to compete in female sports. Jenner did not make an issue of it. The woke media did. And now Jenner is being politically canceled—blacklisted, the target of a vile, vicious smear campaign on Twitter and social media. LGBT activists—to their eternal shame—are denouncing her as a “fame whore,” “racist,” “anti-trans” and yes, “transphobic.” All of this because Jenner believes biological males should compete against males and biological females compete against females. These unhinged attacks on Jenner have nothing to do with social justice. It is insanity and liberal hatred masquerading as activism.

Jenner is a former gold medalist, who then as Bruce Jenner, gained international attention at the 1976 Montreal Olympics as the best male decathlon athlete. Hence, here is someone who is both a world-class athlete and transgender being denounced by the LGBT Twitter mob for not understanding the so-called “science” about trans girls competing in female sports. In a press release, Jenner said that, had he competed as a woman in 1976 in the female decathlon, he would have “blown away” the field—it would not even have been close. In other words, biology matters—and males are physically stronger and faster than females.

It was not too long ago that Jenner was a cultural icon for the radical left. When Bruce “transitioned” into Caitlyn, it was proclaimed as a cultural watershed, a defining moment and victory for transgenderism and LGBTQ rights. Hollywood feted Jenner; ESPN handed her awards; and LGBT activists and Democrats championed her as a hero. That was then. This is now. One opinion, one line, one sentence and Jenner has been reduced and degraded to a non-person, slandered as a hate-filled bigot by the very same people who only yesterday lionized her. It is truly Orwellian.

Jenner is being sacrificed not only on the altar of transgenderism, but of woke ideology itself. She is the latest martyr to the growing left-wing assault on free speech. What is happening to Jenner is becoming all too common in America: Dissent from woke orthodoxy is no longer accepted, resulting in social ostracism, personal vilification and professional marginalization. In other words, if someone does not toe the liberal-left line, then they are destroyed. This is not freedom; rather, it is progressive authoritarianism.

The case of Caitlyn Jenner shows—beyond the shadow of a doubt—that the transgender movement has nothing to do with inclusion, diversity or tolerance. Instead, it is about the very opposite: hatred for anyone who doesn’t totally agree. It is totalitarian in its very nature. And the reason is obvious. Transgenderism is a war on human nature and biological reality; it seeks to obliterate the fundamental differences between the two sexes, pretending that male and female are fluid “concepts” and “social constructs” not rooted in God’s natural order. It is a big lie and illusion—a political and social fantasy. And it can only be maintained through growing coercion, repression and censorship.

Jenner’s great heresy was to admit there are seminal and permanent biological differences between boys and girls, especially when it comes to competitive athletics. Like the Spanish Inquisition, she must be burned at the proverbial stake. Truth is now “transphobic.”

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6:00-10:00 am EST. He can be reached at:

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