Diehl vs. Doughty

Mass. GOP gubernatorial primary should be no contest

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner


Former State Rep. Geoff Diehl is exposing the corrupt RINO establishment in Massachusetts. Diehl, who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump, is widely expected to win the Republican gubernatorial primary. If he does (and I believe he will), then Diehl will face off against radical leftist Democrat and state Attorney General Maura Healey.


Yet, Bay State RINOs want to see Diehl lose at all costs—even if it means handing the governor’s office to a pro-Antifa, pro-Black Lives Matter socialist, such as Healey. This is why liberal GOP Gov. Charlie Baker and his venal machine is fully backing Diehl’s rival, Wrentham businessman Chris Doughty. If you haven’t heard of Doughty, you aren’t the only one. He has been a non-entity in Massachusetts politics, especially on issues dear to Republicans.


In fact, Doughty is a classic Country Club Republican—a so-called “moderate,” who is wealthy and believes his financial success entitles him to rule. On most issues, he is indistinguishable from the Democrats. He is a weak Baker clone, who touts himself as an economic manager who will get along and cooperate with Democrats on Beacon Hill. Unlike Diehl, he has nothing meaningful to say about open borders, the massive onslaught of illegal immigration, the dangerous proliferation of transgenderism and Critical Race Theory (anti-white racism) in elementary schools, the rise of sanctuary cities, voter fraud, progressive Soros-backed district attorneys who are responsible for soaring crime, out-of-control public spending, authoritarian vaccine and mask mandates, and rampant corruption in state government agencies, such as DCF and the RMV. No wonder The Boston Globe endorsed him over Diehl in the GOP primary. He is the Globe’s man—a corporate globalist and liberal Democrat masquerading as a Republican.


The one issue Doughty used to believe in is abortion. He was pro-life. That is, until this election. Now, Doughty has vowed to the Globe that, should he become governor, he will keep abortion “safe and legal” in Massachusetts. In short, he lacks character or integrity; he is a shameless opportunist, who blows like a weather vane to appease the state’s liberal elites. In other words, he is a typical RINO.


And like all RINOs, he loathes Trump and his America First agenda. In an interview with The Boston Herald, Doughty admitted that his goal is to move the Massachusetts GOP beyond Trump and Trumpism. Secure borders, economic nationalism and a pro-middle- and working-class agenda—these are anathema to the establishment Republicans.


Doughty’s real aim is not to win the primary (even he knows he can’t); rather, it is to serve as a stalking horse for the Baker-RINO elites to bleed Diehl and undermine his ability to defeat Healey in November. Like other Never Trumpers—Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Charlie Baker—Doughty would prefer to see a left-wing Democrat win than a MAGA Republican. He is the ultimate political Judas.   


He is also corrupt. He is spending millions of his own dollars in a desperate attempt to buy the nomination. In particular, his campaign is throwing massive advertising dollars at strategic pro-Republican/conservative media outlets to buy influence and their support. Sadly, or rather pathetically, several outlets have become shills for the Doughty campaign.


I haven’t. This is why Doughty refused to come on my show and debate Diehl for a full hour. Even though we had an agreement, Doughty declined to appear in-studio. The reason: His campaign knew I would ask him tough questions. In particular, Doughty voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 over Trump. Hence, the obvious question: Why should conservatives and Republicans back someone who pulled the lever for Hillary, one of the most corrupt, evil and treasonous Democratic leaders in U.S. history? Diehl, however, not only showed up but took questions from callers for over an hour. I then publicly offered Doughty to come in-studio alone and simply answer questions from the audience for an uninterrupted hour. I would not ask him a single question. He still refused. He is a phony and a coward, who is afraid to face any kind of real vetting or grilling. Should Doughty become the GOP nominee the Democrats will destroy him.


Diehl is another story. He is a principled conservative, who has been battling liberals in Massachusetts for over a decade. He was one of the pivotal leaders in organizing the successful opposition to automatic increases in the state’s gas tax. He helped to spearhead the Trump presidential campaign in Massachusetts, bringing in thousands of new voters, fresh ideas and energy into the state GOP—at the cost of becoming the number one target for rabid liberals and hate-filled anti-Trumpers. Recently, Diehl led the successful effort to get the necessary signatures in a petition drive to put before voters in a referendum this November whether illegal aliens should receive driver’s licenses. Diehl is staunchly opposed to illegals getting licenses, and vows to make it a centerpiece of his election campaign. Doughty (as usual) was nowhere to be seen.


For the first time in decades, Republicans have a chance to vote for a real choice—not Democrat-lite or GOP middle-of-the-roadism. Diehl is a real Republican, who defends the interests and values of law-abiding taxpayers, workers, parents, families and small businesses. In short, he is a common-sense conservative. This is why Trump has not only endorsed him. But on Monday, Sept. 5, at 7:00 pm ET Trump will be holding a telephone town hall with Diehl and his numerous supporters, urging them to get-out-the-vote and finally challenge the state’s decrepit RINO establishment and odious liberal regime. To register go to www.geoffdiehl.com.


The primary is Tuesday, Sept. 6th. For Republicans, the race between Diehl and Doughty should be no contest. It’s Geoff Diehl, all the way.   


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6-10 am ET. He can be reached at: JeffreyKuhner@iheartmedia.com

-photo courtesy of Getty


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