Marita MacKinnon

Marita MacKinnon

     Marita, or known on-air as “Producer Lightning”, was first drawn to radio at the age of 16 upon getting her license and driving around in her beaten up 93’ Chevy Blazer. It was during those bumpy rides all around the Greater Boston area that she was forced to listen to the radio, as her CD player was broken... Nonetheless, it grew on her so she went on to Curry College to pursue a major in Communication with her main focus in radio broadcasting. She got put on the air right away as a DJ for WMLN 91.5FM-Curry College Radio. While there she hosted numerous shows and won 3 collegiate Associated Press awards: 2 for Best Talk Show: Mix and Match (as a co-host) and 1 for Breaking News: 2012 Election Coverage (as a producer) and has been working professionally in the Boston radio market ever since.

     When not pushing buttons, playing music, or being VB’s personal note-taker, Marita is trying not to go insane as she plans her “big Italian wedding” to her fabulous fiancé (“Blue Thunder” as VB calls him). Oh, and she likes to dance, that too!



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