There is now a whole family that is transgender

In a world that holds an "anything goes" attitude, an Arizona family has now broken a record. At least we can assume it's a record. This family of four are all transitioning..... or transitioned..... or some have transitioned some haven't.

Either way

     The father of the household is Daniel Harrot, a 41 year old biological female who now identifies as a man. Harrot told KJZZ, a station in Tempe Arizona, that he "feels like he's getting to live for the first time." Something that anyone should be celebrating, but this brings up the legitimate possibility of two children in a transgendered family of four getting to choose their own outcome. The answers we will never know. The mothering responsibilities in the house belong to Daniel's fiance Shirley Austin, a biological male who (you guessed it) identifies as female. Shirley towers over the kids at what seems to be 6 foot a million, especially her now son Mason. The now identifying male is joined by his biologically male sister Josh, and that about rounds out the crew. 


Although it's a happy story about a (self described) traditional family, you have to wonder if the children were encouraged to pursue the path because of the parents. A survey done by Time magazine shows that 40% of trans people have attempted suicide. Now compare that to 4.6% of the general population that attempts it, and 30% that have been homeless at one point and time. The problem with children making a decision to transition at such a young age resides in the fact that a wide majority of those kids outgrow the confusion (or dysphoria). The argument can be made that bullying is the cause of some suicide attempts, but it certainly doesn't explain a 40% rate.

     The one thing we do know, is that our push for tolerance has blown past our understanding of these life choices. Both a great social accomplishment, and a possible concern.

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