Democrat Steny Hoyer Had An Embarrassing Day

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 U.S. Representative Steny Hoyer from Maryland added to the "lefts" blooper reel today, and it only took him about 30 seconds to do so.... 


Just when you think things can't get any worse for those silly Democrats, Hoyer sternly proclaims everyone should remain working. To most, that would imply doing all that is necessary to keep the government from shutting down. Then, only moments later, he suggests congress should adjourn.

That's like a firefighter walking up to a burning house and proclaiming how he should put this fire out, but instead turning tail and going home. 

The fact we have a budget issue on our hands is nothing new in this country, and neither is a government shutdown. The fact an immigration issue is being dangled as some sort of ultimatum by the left is just irresponsible. The idiotic antics by representatives like Hoyer will only hurt their cause in the end. 

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