WATCH: Ronald Klain: Trump liked Roy Moore because he was a "Predator"

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Well, here we go.  Birds of a predatory feather, right?  Ronald Klain, the Former Chief of Staff to VP's Biden and Gore, and Aide to the Dear Leader himself, was on MSNBC with Lawrence "Stop the hammering" O'Donnell in the wake of the Alabama Special Election.  O'Donnell's qualifiers for President Trump and Roy Moore are eye-roll inducing in and of themselves, but the real money cut is from Klain:  “I think the fact that Roy Moore was a predator was not a factor that kept Donald Trump from endorsing him, but was a desirable factor in his candidacy for Donald Trump.”  

Take it to LA, Ronnie; there are stand-up comics who'd kill for that material.  And don't forget to tip your waitress...

Watch the clip HERE.

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